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Well, now the 2 years warranty have expired and they can't do anything about it. It's a SCAM to stall the customers and not to repair, exchange or refund the client! In the past 6 times I've been to Samsung I've heard people coming back with charging issues. Same issues as I am having since Oct Not only tablets but Samsung S9 phones as well. It's outrageous to treat a customer like this.

I've could barely use the plan that I've got with the tablet, and I just went so many times there sending the tablet away to the VOC Samsung experts that I couldn't even use the product I've acquired and paid for. I feel robbed and tricked by the scam that Samsung has stalling its customers until they run out of warranty without resolving the issue! The technicians acknowledge my issue, understood the device doesn't charge but if they don't find fault in it, they can't give me a replacement. Isn't the charging issue enough fault in a tablet?

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How am I suppose to use it without battery??? If you buy a product from Samsung hope that you won't need to use the customer service or send it to technical experts, you will lose your precious time and money! I reported the issue to Samsung and they booked me an appointment with their technician who reported the issue is more related to motherboard and Samsung would honour the damage.

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I got a text with case number so i called them only to be narrated with the scripted note by the case officer that they cannot go ahead with the repair based on the purchasing price and date. Such a shame with the service level from a big company like Samsung. Eventually, when my USB port died, and I could not even charge it, I went to the store in Chermside to repair it under the warranty.

To be honest, before I had read all reviews and expected some awful treatment based on the overall score of 1. It was Saturday, I brought my phone to the Chermside without any appointment, yes, they asked me to ait for 60 minutes actually they sent me a text after 20 minutes , I was served and left my phone with promises that it would be fixed. The guy was extremely helpful and fully agreed with my list I believe had to be fixed. Surprisingly, on Sunday I received another text that my phone is ready for pick-up, so they fixed it between Saturday and Sunday.

I really appreciate Samsung Chermside for the service I received. Thank you. You really shifted my expectations. After 8 months of using my brand new Note 8 developed screen burn in. I did contact Samsung and they exchange screen with the new one note: My use includes phone calls, emails, gaming and watching movies and I am considering it as moderate. After second screen was replaced, within 3 days another burn in appeared. This time when I visit store, I was informed that Samsung head office will analyse this case and contact me with solution.

Each time I did ask question, I was provided with script respond. There is big chance that your phone screen will develop same issue. Do yourself a favour and check other reviews. Samsung support is a JOKE. Dear Mr Samsung 1 For the first time we had to contact you Mr Samsung 2 We got a case number and 24 hours later we got a text with another reference number to call them with.

I purchased a Samsung 55" Smart TV a few years back and loved it so much I purchased another recently. The only disappointment was they changed the stand.

The new model isn't as aesthetically pleasing and looks quite cheap. Otherwise happy. First device was a Samsung S4 mobile which was deemed irreparable as they couldn't figure out why the microphone randomly doesn't work after 2 repairs. Mind you this is in contravention of Australian Consumer Law. The wifi has stopped working. The TV randomly switches off. It also randomly turns itself on in the middle of the night.

Samsung products are absolute rubbish! I'll be reporting this to Consumer Affairs. Bought a Samsung galaxy s9. Offered headphones as an incentive. Followed complicated redemption process, told not eligible cause insufficient proof of purchase. Bought phone on Optus contract. Optus said just quote order number and redemption process would be ok. I am never buying a product from Samsung again and will post on social media my experience in dealing with them.

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They are corporate theives. According to Australian consumer law a company must under the assumption that everything is above board and its their product in layman's terms assist a customer. Samsung get a big zero acting more like a unprofessional company when I approached them to assist with their product which was out of warranty. Samsung you are a joke and your post sales service is disgusting to be polite.

S7 mobile phone died suddenly while using, never managed to turn on again or charge. Samsung is refusing to honor its warranty despite the device meeting all criteria for it. First, Samsung makes the claim that it is not under warranty, I disputed this correctly, and Samsung retracts their statement. Samsung then claims that because it was repaired by Samsung overseas, the warranty is void, I then successfully challenged that and Samsung retracts their statement. Now Samsung is using the excuse of physical damage to the port and the OLED screen to not cover the warranty.

Excuse after excuse to not have to pay for what clearly is a manufacturing defect that should be covered under warranty. The loose charging port constitutes an obvious warranty issue and should be repaired by Samsung.

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Samsung also claim that there is a broken OLED screen. There were no issues with the OLED screen, the screen was not cracked upon delivery of the unit to Samsung, and the Werribee Samsung store notes would confirm this. As the damage was caused by the technician during disassembly, this should be covered by Samsung as part of the warranty claim.

Now Samsung wants to send back a phone that was damaged by their technician and is using that excuse to void my warranty and make me pay for the repair. My S8 phone developed a Usb charging issue with Moisture detected Warning without taking it any where near water. Be Mindful guys According to samsung it is a IP68 rated. I sent it for repairs with samsung.

After 4 days i am being told that I have to fix and pay for tiny crack on back corner of my phone before they proceed to fix the Usb Charging port but that crack has nothing to do without USB charging port. I was never Advised this by samsung Chat nor by samsung centre staff. They wanted to make quick money out of little crack to cover warranty costs. My phone was in perfect working condition. All good with battery and wireless charging except Usb port. Technician wanted me to pay for crack but that old crack has nothing to do with the Usb charging port.

When i was speaking to case manager he disconnected the phone call on my face and sent me a email stating samsung does not believe my phone is covered by warranty. All of sudden he deemed my phone not covered by warranty. So, be very careful in buying samsung products, any person sitting at headoffice in bad mood can deem your samsung product not covered under warranty without much explanation and will make excuse to honor the warranty.

He was so rude and never tried to explain what happened to Usb port in IP68 rated phone or advised why it is important to fix crack before fixing Usb port. My phone with my other samsung products TV,Washing machine, Microwave all are registered with samsung. I am out of my phone and its a 5th day today.

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I trusted samsung with their products and invested heavily in it. This was the first time i had a issue with samsung product and samsung customer service or loyalty was no where to be seen. At least i deserve a fair explanation from a samsung.

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I have learnt my lesson guys, be careful in considering samsung products. Once they take your money you are by yourself. Handed my tablet in at Joondalup WA store on Sun. Bright, friendly service. Thanks Mark. On inspection, it was required be sent in for repairs.

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Received, that is, delivered to my nominated address on Tues. Everything perfect now. About frikkin time I'm thinking. My company would have done the customer right day one but these rectum clowns just don't give a code brown. Now we have just been emailed that they will not honor their agreement and are sending it back as is. Not repaired. Useless and ready for the dump where this Samsung Galaxy S8 belongs. I'm just hoping it wont explode before I get a chance to donate it to Al Qaeda.

This is my 12 year old sons phone and he was so excited to get it. We have 5 phones, 5 TVs, 12 computers, 2 fitbits and a scad of tabs and will never again buy anything from Samsung. Nothing ever. I will go out of my way to avoid them and their affiliates except to inform people of how they screwed us. This phone and their useless customer support, the disservice center, cost them many thousands of dollars just from my personal family.

Extend that to everyone who trusts me, because I am work in the electronic service field, and it was a costly call on the part of their inept "service" dept. Rot in Hades Samsung. You will never get 1 red cent out of my pocket again and I have added you to my active list of companies to talk about at every occasion possible. All I will tell is the truth, nothing but the truth. I will not pass up a chance to tell family, friends, customers and people I casually meet in line how piss poor these stinking swine treated my boy.

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Remember Fretter Applianceya, nobody else does either because they also reaped the whirlwind of horrendous customer dissatisfaction. I still tell people how they screwed me 25 years ago and they are long gone. I'm just like a elephant with a long memory and right now I'm sticking my long trunk One thing I should be grateful for is that I was not one of the unlucky victims to have this turd explode in my face. There is that to be thankful for I guess. My question and my frustration is why I have to pay all that money if they are the ones that have no knowledge and can't provide the help to do or show how to do it to get the watch to do all what they promised the watch will do for you.???

It is hard to believe I used the automated samsung costumer service Over the last 2 months.. I've spent not less the 20 hours in hold..

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Three times and was also promised a gift certificate 3 times Now my wife says she could resolve the issue Since early Dec we have issues when it won't turn on. Unplugging it for the night seems to have resolved the issue however it keeps on happening. Called support. The 1st time they sent a technician who came 2 days later. As mentioned, after letting it "rest" for the night it works again. As if something is being reset and a reboot is done.

So he found nothing. Was asked again to unplug, plug, press the remote button for 30 sec etc. Nothing worked. They talked to a specialist and told me gaming consoles might cause this. I have no gaming consoles connected to it. I asked them to either send someone to fix it when it is still occurring or replace the TV. They said they would get back to me.

They emailed me the next day saying there is nothing they can do and i should refer to the user manual.

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Instead, Samsung did as it wanted without fear of comeback. This phone and their useless customer support, the disservice center, cost them many thousands of dollars just from my personal family. My phone isn't even paid for. I had to repeat the word "order" many times and they responded with water, phone case, etc that I had to spell it out for them. Cracked LCD 2.

They never got back to me. Called again. Got the same answers. They will try sending someone the TV by then will have reset itself. This will probably continue until Aug when we run out of warranty. We said we have no choice but put our ordeal on social media. Very poor customer service, Samsung. You lost a loyal customer who will share this story with whomever is interested. You are posting a reply to: Track this discussion and email me when there are updates. You are reporting the following post: This post has been flagged and will be reviewed by our staff.

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