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iPad mini – missing features

Its omission from these other devices told us that there was no chance it would show up in the iPad mini, but this is something Apple needs to address next year.

How to get Flash on the iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch!

Passbook is an app that aggregated things like digital vouchers, virtual travel tickets and so on, but it relies on having apps for each of the partners it deals with. NFC, on the other hand, could flourish with the right support.

It uses a version of the A5 chip seen in the iPhone 4S, which is looking a bit musty these days. The most obvious roadblock that stands between the average tablet buyer and the iPad mini is price.

Apple's best tablet all grown up again

Step back 12 months and the iPad mini would have looked like a decent bargain, but these days the market is different. There are no features to shout about beyond the convenience of a smaller, lighter tablet any many of its features are a bit old and slow compared with the top Apple phones and tablets. The iPad Pro has one more port than other iPad models: You can find this on the left side of the iPad when looking from the front , and it looks like three metallic circles in a line.

If you look at the bottom centre of the back of the iPad as illustrated above , you should be able to find a model number.

Why Don't Apple Devices Support Flash?

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Aug 28, Messages: I recently was looking at some apps for a substitute camera out of curiosity, and I noticed some apps offer a flash for iPad2 for the rear facing camera. As I was reading the description and functions it had occurred to me that this is impossible. Then I pondered ,why didn't apple include a flash feature for low light conditions.

1. Look for the flash

I have concluded that apple gives you just enough ,right up to an important function as this so they can leave room for an added future model as a selling tactic! It's not like it would have cost more than. Perhaps Apple is low on funds.

Well if any one has an answer or if it's possible please chime in. I do like photography and I like night shots. Apr 26, Messages: The newest iPad, i. Air 2 has an 8 MP iSight camera the other newer iPad models, a 5 MP camera - which can certainly make decent photographs and offers a lot of other options. Maybe the sizes between the different iDevices?

iPad Pro 9.7 review

Dec 3, Messages: I don't think that Apple believes that iPad users are as serious about photography with their iPads as iPhone users are about photography with their iPhones, otherwise I believe we would have seen a flash for the iPad camera years ago. The original iPhone had a better camera 4 years earlier, 2MP. Like x 1 List.

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I was wrong about the resolution of the rear camera, apparently the resolution is 0. It's understable, I mean there are so many photo apps. Free and paid.

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I can think of several lucid , well thought , reasonable, reasons why Apple has neglected the flash. But what I am not understanding is that every camera I have and had , not to mention the dinosaurs that our grandfathers had, all have some type of flash. Even if you go back to the earliest ones when gunpowder was used as a sorta flash.


And can be seen in most pictures of the rear of the iPad. Updated February 13, Loubrook32 Loubrook As we are going to talk about the iPhone app for giving and getting advice, let me start with saying, "Half knowledge is far Loading page content.

Perhaps it is intentional for marketing strategies in future. But you have to pay