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enter site I just want to know if any smart phone can be turned into IR blaster phone using external particularly 3. Is any app is required to work the smart phone as an IR blaster? It will be grateful to your reply. There are some external IR baster devices available that plug into 3. This is because they are expensive and are not branded and there is no guarantee that they will work on your phone, and even if they work they have poor range and compatibility with IR devices such as TV, AC etc.

So if you want IR blaster functionality then my advise is to but buy a smartphone with in-built IR blaster. Ir sensor is for the camera focusing IR blaster is for controling others remote devices like TV Did you have a look at the top of the phone? But in context to mobiles both are correct. No it is not possible by service centre guys to put in an IR Blaster unit. There are external IR blasters available but they are not effective.

I also thought to buy one. If available any that works please let me know. So if you really want an IR blaster then i suggest you to buy an IR blaster phone in the future. Hi Akshat ,,, can u plz suggest a better 1 among these with good camera ,non heating ,and good with all features….. I am looking for a smartphone under 20k. Could you please suggest me something? I am a regular visitor here and thought may be can take some help.

Thanks in advance. You are always welcome for any help. Hi Akshat, thank for your previous help to me. Redmi Note 4 is a very good phone and comes with IR blaster too. But one matter is confusing me a bit more. So is this true or will it be right to buy a Redmi Note 4 handset? The mobile is undoubtedly very good but please help me to choose the product. It really has expanded its service centers in India so it is now safer to buy their phones. By the way where are you from? Xiaomi do have service centers in Guwahati.

You can check it here http: Hi i just bought the LG Stylo 2 i am not very tech savvy and was wondering if it has an IR blaster and if it does the heartrate thing that the S7 edge did. Hope this helps…. You cannot have IR Blaster functionality but if your Smart TV has wireless functionality then you can control it using any phone using the app.

In the mobile there is no hole in mobile front. LeEco 2 is better in terms of performance whereas Honor 6X has better camera and SD card slot hybrid sim slot. Hi, what do you suggest? Can you tell me what phone you think has the best IR blaster range? I need one that will work form 15 feet away…. I am planning to buy a mobile with the following features 1 screen size more than 5. What is the best phone under 20k for professional use I would be using more of email stuff and videos and presentation. Sir, Suggest me one phone with below said specifications; 1 Snapdragon and above 2 Dedicated dual sim slot 3 Good battery life Fast charging 4 Excellent camera 5 Budget 25 to 30 K.

Your email address will not be published. Notify me by email when the comment gets approved. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Smartphone with IR Blaster. Contents 1 What is IR Blaster? Galaxy Universal Remote. Akshat Verma. Please update the list Reply. I have Alcatel mobile one touch , can I use this app Reply.

Which app?

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How is the phone and service support. There are some external IR baster devices available that plug into 3. I am confused because in some places say that they do not have IR. Hi, LG g3 is priced around 37k and S6 32gb is avaiable for No it does not have IR Blaster Reply. Here are some good Universal IR Remote apps that you can try https:

Go for Lenovo Vibe X3. But Lenovo Vibe X3 is quite good and honor v8 is beyond your budget. No it does not have IR Blaster Reply. Shafeeq A. Can I use those, hope you tested those kind, Reply. No you cannot install IR blaster. It comes pre-installed with specified smartphones. Hi, Is it worth buying LG G3 kitkat? Well both are very good phones. S6 is a bit better in some areas as it is newly launched.

Which phone i should buy online under 10k? Thanks Reply. Can you please tell any android mobile having ir blastet below Reply. Viju Prakash Babu. Thanks for IR mobile list it is very helpful. Yes it does not come with IR blaster. It is a nice phone and you can go for it. Does lenovo p70 have ir blaster… Reply.

My bad.. Damn you Croma Retail Reply. Atendra Sheoran. Mani Krishna. Does it have an IR port? You are doing a brilliant job Akshat. Well done!!! Thanks Raj Reply. I would recommend Huawei Honor 6 Plus Reply. How much is your budget for the phone? Budget is not an issue in any manner but want a right device as asked, please suggest Reply. YES Reply. Thanks for list of IR blaster smartphone.

It is very useful for me.. It works.. Anand kashyap. Price is not an issue Reply. Gyanesh Rathore. There is also a dual sim variant available for honor 7 Reply. Ashutosh Sharma. But Huawei honor 6 to old mobile phone… Reply. It is not too old but slightly old. Other option would be Xiaomi Mi4 Reply. Tell me a best device under 10k. Thank u! I want to know that does Lenovo a have IR Blaster?? Sir does lyf wind 6 have IR function Reply. External IR blaster are not successful and they do not work properly with all phones, so i would advise you to buy a phone with inbuilt IR blaster Reply.

Yes it is a good phone. Go for it. Can U suggest me a phone with Premium look With Very good camera on Rear and front with ir blaster under 20k except mi4 and and huawai Reply. Yes it will give good performance. Yeah, Huawei Honor 7 is an awesome phone for the price. Service is limited for Huawei so it lacks in this department Reply. Thanks for your appreciation Reply. Can you confirm? No it does not have IR Blaster. Or any other suggestion , budget under 15k Reply.

Adarsh Dwivedi.

Yes i think so Reply. He…… samsung galaxy a8 have ir blaster……. It does not have IR Blaster but it is nice phone Reply. Htc one me have ir blaster????? Does htc m8 eye have ir blaster…. It is good phone. You can buy it on amazon. What about its ir range????? Does honor 6 have fingerprint scanner Reply. Pls suggest a phone under 20k other than vibe x3 as it is nt available……with both a good ir blaster and fingerprint scanner…… Reply. Raj Tanwar. Make a change and remove Motorola x force cause it does not have an IR blaster Reply. Is this list updated?? I mean it does not hwve samsung galaxy s7 and edge Reply.

Huawei p8 lite? Redmi Note 2 does have IR Blaster.

List of devices with IR blaster

Thanks a lot, I got the info I needed. I shall wait for the Lenovo Vibe X3…. I have the lg stylo does it have ir blaster? No it does not Reply. Hi akshat, I am planning to buy lenovo zuk z1. Regards Uma shankar Reply. Amazon has a very flexible return policy and you can easily return it.

Rameez Raza. Not sure but it should work and yes it supports OTG.

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The phone is good but the service is mediocre. Does oppo f1plus has ir blaster Reply. No Oppo F1 plus does not have IR blaster. Yes No I need help Method 3: It is recommended that you also download the corresponding app from the Google Play store. The app that you can use with this plug is called the ZaZa Remote-Universal Remote, and can be found by searching the term: Remote Control Wizard. The app and plug can not only control your TV, but can also control the following: Universal 3. This is selling on eBay and it comes from Hong Kong.

There is also a corresponding app that you can download from the app store. Here is how you would set up this plug: Yes No I need help 1 Scan the two-dimensional code that is on the package Was this step helpful? Yes No I need help 6 Select the correct infrared device Was this step helpful?

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Devices with an infrared blaster (or IR blaster) that emulate an infrared remote control to autonomously control a device that is normally controlled only by remote control key presses: Contents. 1 Temperature Controls; 2 Smartwatches [edit]. Audiovox PPC; Nokia N71; Samsung sch-i Download Remote control tv universal for Samsung Galaxy Grand 2, version: for Control will work correctly only with tablet or phone with built in IR blaster.

I'm using Huawei P9lite? Step 1 says to scan the 2-dimensional code. What code? Trying to use peel remote to control appliances but failing. I'm using Huawei P9lite. I'm hoping for your guidance in recommending one or multiple applications to install for trial of successful performance of command functional infrared compability that will operate successful remote control signals collaboratively on my TV sent from my mobile device.

Any input would be incredibly helpful. I would be extremely grateful for the any help you can provide. Thanks again and have a great day. My specific models for both the phone as a control command device and television as an infrared reception device are not listed as devices under any of the content I've read.

I'm seeking verification of capabilities of both as well as instructions on on how to progress forward to a state of successful execution of remote control functions collaboratively together. Thank you and if you have instructions in mind that allows maximizing my efforts without an additional expense or required additional features not from the play store that would require additional components and complicated aggravated set up in my efforts I would be extremely grateful for such knowledge.

I have tried: I've installed maybe 15 different applications for remote control functions by a mobile device for your TV.

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I've also turned on my wi fi where I was afraid my mobile data could be a reason that this wasn't successful in my attempts of using each application built for this performance between such devices. My models are not specifically in an application listed together for assurance of supported successful operation between the two prior for validation preinstallation security of knowledge allowing streamlined more efficient assurance to proceed with the install and possibly be more thorough in my permission of also or some minor change option not selected prohibiting proper execution of function between both devices.

I think it was caused by: I'm not sure if my cell phone has an irblaster or if my TV has the or reception capabilities to transmit these remote control to each other.

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Your assistance would be greatly helpful. How do you check if your phone has IR blaster? Ask Question. Andrew T.

List of devices with an IR blaster

Generally you can just look at it - they're usually not hard to spot. Alternatively, have you looked up your phone's specifications online? What is your phone model? If your phone has a hardware IR blaster, then it would be quite unusual if you don't have a built in application that uses the IR blaster.