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The width needs to be trimmed down a smidge. My former Treo devices had the perfect spacing of keys making typing a breeze.

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With the Bold , my thumbs need to travel further than necessary. These keys are ridiculously loud. Just try to type on this thing when you are in a meeting without disturbing everyone in the room; or worse, try checking your email while sitting on a public loo. The guy in the stall next to you is bound to count your clicky keystrokes. Lack of Touch Screen: Granted, the phone came out in , but still, combined hardware keyboard and touch screen smartphones Palm OS, Windows Mobile have been around since Yes, we can now get our hands on the BlackBerry Torch , but it astounds me that the flagship BlackBerry devices of and did not have touch.

Gmail Integration: Gmail has 26 million user accounts.

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So, how is it that the BlackBerry operating system still does not support 2-way synchronization? Though, when using Desktop to display messages, there are none of the expected Gmail features, like Archive and Add Star. If you want to use the Gmail features, you have to leave the Desktop and open the Gmail icon to get those features. Application Memory: This device has a whopping MB of memory reserved for the OS, installed applications, and running applications.

What this means is if you install more than 10 apps, get ready to run out of memory and have the phone lock-up forcing a reboot. Also, if you have more than three 3rd party apps running simultaneously, same story…out of memory, forced to reboot. Media Playlist Syncing: If you were to use the native WMP or iTunes syncing; music, video, and photos will sync, but no playlists.

The screen resolution is great. The phone, speaker, Bluetooth, and other features are great…but this is my Debbie Downer rant.

Guitar Hero 6 - Warriors Of Rock

Well, I have a reason to write up a post now. I love that setup. But, due to rules and regs at my employer, I was required to move over to BlackBerry.

My first go round was with the Storm on Verizon. Due to the click screen and software bugs to keep this short , the device was a failure, in my hands-on opinion. My use of the Storm lasted a whopping 3 months. Now, let me fast forward to sometime in late or ooh, this is some Back To The Future kind of thing. Now, a video has surfaced of a working prototype.

And, I have to say…I see my next BlackBerry. Possibly, the Magnum prototype was built before the , and we may eventually see a newer prototype that looks more like the Though, I prefer the size and layout. Plus there is no trackball or trackpad. That means all navigation takes place on-screen, like the Storm. Other than those features, there is the obvious touchscreen, which looks to have the clicky screen of the Storm. This will likely be my next phone soon after release. Wow, we are already a week into and I have yet to post My Top Obsessions of Shame on me, and sorry for the delay.

You may remember what my top 7 obsessions from were. As we wind up , let me recap on the obsessions that have kept me coming back to the blog. Picture the ball dropping, and countdown on… Rock Band Network. You may be wondering, why is this at 10 and not higher on the list. So, RBN, as exciting as it seems to me…has been a pipe dream to me, and my exploration of the tools has been short lived. In , I do expect to take advantage of the grabbing songs from the RBN store, and possibly getting back in the development ring…but, neither is happening yet.

Yes, this will work with all Rock Band games on Xbox , including Lego: If you want my opinion of this set, here you go: Post to Cancel. Both kits will be usable at the same time. Nice to play on and play fine for Rock Band 2.

New Site Name. I moved my web site to a new host, and changed the URL. It once was at http: As this site was growing in popularity, I decided to rename it to http: It looks to have been a poor decision, since the site statistics showed my daily visitors went form about to about Ouch, that hurt! Well, you live and you learn. Some of you have stuck around, and I greatly appreciate it.

I hope to get the site now going on its 4th year back up in readership and commenters throughout BlackBerry Bold. Though, in the wee months of Fabruary to be exact the Storm was replaced by the BlackBerry Bold The Bold remains my current device, and I am eyeing an upgrade to the Bold in the coming months. An interesting statistic, my readership has suffered for that too. Looks like I need to get back to my gadget roots here. New Music Games Why do I keep this so general? Well, there were a few music games I picked up this year, and each had something I loved.

Guitar Hero 5: This is possibly the best party music game of the year. Also, the ability to have 4 players on any instrument is great. Especially at my house right now, where if one person sings, everyone wants to sing; or if one person plays guitar, everyone wants to play guitar.

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The Beatles Rock Band: This showed us what Rock Band 3 might be like, with 3 part harmonies. This game is beautiful, we all know enough about it. Guitar Hero Van Halen: This is my favorite music game to play this year. You say. Finally, Lego Rock Band: Though, I would have rather seen Rock Band 3 over all of these, it was a decent year of flooded music games. Slacker Radio.

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With the Slacker Radio application for BlackBerry release on February , it truly became my de facto music source for the entire year. I use it via my web browser at work. Rock Band DLC. Rock Band 2 came in at 2 on my list, and I had anticipated that Rock Band 3 would have come out in Over songs available for download into Rock Band. Drumming Stuff. This is a continuation from , where drumming made my top list.

This year I successfully built though not yet completed a custom electronic drum kit. A stand here, a pad there, etc. It even folds up nicely unlike the Ion for easy and quick storage. Yes, this will work with all Rock Band games on Xbox , including Lego: Rock Band. As a Rock Band drummer myself, who has played many hours with Guitar Hero drum controllers, I can tell you the important differences. The yellow pad for Guitar Hero games is always used as a cymbal hi-hat, ride, crash, etc , whereas in Rock Band games, the yellow pad may be a cymbal or a tom.

For Rock Band drummers, there will be a learning curve to get used to hitting a cymbal for toms, but it is doable. I played this way exclusively for several months. The orange pad is only used in Guitar Hero games. This is a huge win for Guitar Hero drummers. For Rock Band drummers, the orange pad is not used.

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There is no learning curve for the orange pad, since Rock Band just ingnores the orange pad, and Guitar Hero games display an orange lane. The reviews are mixed, though generally positive. Most of the mediocre reviews are comparing it to the Ion Drum Rocker, and the fact that the two are so close in price. Activision dropped lots of news over the past 24 hours, and we will bring you as much as we can.

Smash Hits coming for all major platforms on June This is the greatest hits of all previous Guitar Hero games.. See the set list after the break.

T-Mobile now selling Guitar Hero Live for iOS bundle, complete with guitar controller - TmoNews

If you ask me the set list is nothing shy of incredible. It comes down to the engine that runs the game, the drum charting, the lack of import, and the DLC model. All of this years Guitar Hero games Guitar Hero: Metallica , Smash Hits are based on the the core Guitar Hero: World Tour engine, with some improvements.

I generally do not like the layout of the notes, and the loose timing windows. Also, the fail window is scary. You can go from perfect to fail in less than 5 seconds. Maybe these things will be improved on for Guitar Hero: Smash Hits , and I hope so. But, I can say for sure, that I have seen several fairly simple songs for Guitar Hero: World Tour and Guitar Hero: Metallica , where hi-hat notes were not charted at all. If they did…I would buy every GH game that would support the import feature…and I would run out right now and get them. Again, too much disc swapping for me.

For now, Guitar Hero: Smash Hits has such a kick ass set list. Oh, and there are a handful of duplicates from the Rock Band library too which is a downer.

I just stumbled on this from Twitter. Free DLC sounds good to me. Give me a break! World Tour. Based on the image below up on GameStop for a while, then pulled , we will be getting the Van Halen installment in August. I play tours, challenges, battle of the bands, with friends online, etc. When I play the game, I try to play in moderation, but find myself immersed for hours without breaking. But, possibly, my brain has been trained from 11 months of playing with only 5, that the 6th pad is a real detriment.

I have to completely relearn the drums for GHWT. I think the 6th pad plays a lot into it, plus I think the charting is very different than RB2. I truly like how difficult the expert level for vocals is on GHWT. The GSM global system for mobile communications taste of this phone is already existing on. Free Ninja Jump v1. Free Blackberry Curve 3G games, software apps, ringtones, themes, reviews, wallpapers, screensavers, ebooks, flash lite, videos download ;.

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