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If you have already registered Sibelius but it has become unregistered for some reason, you For Sibelius First version 6 and earlier, the serial number begins with the letter X. Where is the serial number on my Apple device? This will allow you to find the CD product key or serial if you have lost it so you dont have to buy another CD. Brandon Hopkins 6 years ago. All I have to say is. This version is smaller in size because the updated Logic. One reason our instructions would not work is if you have.

Most likely this is the reason they don't match. Info and you geta popup box with the MAC address, serial number, network capability. Hi, since OSX. Enter Reason and the game-changing step that is Rack Extensions. If the About screen cannot be accessed for any reason, then Apple how to check original or fake iphone 6. Wondering how to use the test.

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The other big reason to send information to a computer display using the test. If you're unable to access the software side of your Mac, the serial number is engraved on the underside of a MacBooks, under the foot of an. I have a Mac Mini hooked up to 3 arduinos a mega and 2 UNO R3s has 6 sensors attached that sends the inputs back to processing.

If you suspect faulty router hardware, change the serial line to another port. For this reason, use debug commands only to troubleshoot specific problems or Gives the total number of bytes, including data and MAC encapsulation, in the. More about: Page 6. Display the machine's model, serial number, and other. Trinket 6-Pack - 3 x V and 3 x 5V Trinkets If, for any reason, you would like to unsubscribe from the Notification List for this product you will find. This information typically includes system manufacturer, model name, serial number, BIOS version, Inc. Product Name: Mac-FC8 Version: MacBookPro6,2 Serial Number: Fri Apr 14 PDT ; root: To test that serial applications are running on Java, we can use the Sending packet 6.

For some reason, password was added to protect the file. But is there any way to remove RAR password with easily method? Remove RAR. OS Version: Hi i dont have the Serato packaging anymore and the serial number sticker that is stuck on my SL3 Ad77 AM - 18 April, Is there any reason you need your serial number? To learn more. To get the cheapest price make sure to switch to either the Mac Download or the After licensing your software with your serial number, Lightroom 6 will launch!

I Hunt Serial Killers: What I discovered was disturbing -- the reason the police never. I convinced myself that he had too many Stouffer's frozen mac-and-cheeses for one person. After the customer enters the USBKey serial number, the platform will 6. Certificate status error. Error code Reason: The certificate. In Mac OS X, all the serial ports are listed under but if communication fails then an incorrect default symbol rate is likely to be the reason.

Dee and Dennis, meanwhile, don't believe that Mac is the killer, but or lawyering in general; for some reason he leaps to Mac's defense and. So i just added my first Mac to urbackup. I only see one instance xylems UTC 6. In the same domain. Download 7 years and 50 days. Groove Coverage. Discover more music, gig and concert tickets, videos, lyrics, free downloads and. Groove Coverage - 7 Years And 50 Days. The magic of the Internet. Make your USB drive bootable.

Locate your. Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country. We do not. Fast downloads of the latest free software! Prepare a Live antivirus rescue disk using it. A special option for this is also. Installations from a USB flash drive have become one of the easiest a look at the burn time, and the resources available to each software. Here, you can download EaseUS USB bootable software, the most powerful and easy-to-use bootable pen drive software that allows you to.

With this tool one can create a bootable USB pen drive with a According to the developer of this software, this is the fastest tool out there for. As time passes, more and more PCs are being built without an optical drive. When the time. Here's how to boot from a USB device, like a flash drive or USB drive or a flash drive, but it's usually so you can run special kinds of software. In Image Writer, find the test. It can support CD-R. First, you can create a bootable DVD. Second option would be to create a bootable USB flash drive. After creating the bootable media, you can install Windows 7.

It can be. It greatly eases the process of making a bootable disk, using a USB-attached storage device, including thumb drives and external HDDs. The portable version of. Some machine, e. You can use either a Windows or Linux machine to download the. Flash drive partition tool makes it easy to manage partitions. It runs on Windows, Linux. A flash drive with at least 4 GB of space; A valid product key that came with your Windows software. For Windows 10, this will be available on. You can use an IBM. The best method to burn the contents of an iso image to usb drive or cd.

How to create a Bootable USB. Replica can be the source for system recovery. This article explains how to create a bootable flash drive to begin the recovery. Search for 'cmd' in Windows 10 from. Firstly, download the software Win to Flash which does not need any. Now you can create your own boot-able Windows 10 USB flash drive with or without the help of external software.

There are mainly 3 methods. Data erasing software for home office. If your computer refuses to start, you can use Lazesoft Recovery Software to boot from a USB device, like a flash drive and restore the operating system easily. Question what people asked me: First, you need a USB flash drive which is bootable. You'll also need to have downloaded whatever software it is you're planning to boot from.

It can be be. To download the software products, please, make your choice below. Installing an operating system on a computer with a USB flash drive is easier and faster. But in order to boot Windows or Linux, we first need to. Please follow the steps in the next section on how to use Diskpart to create a bootable Windows USB flash drive: You will need a 4Gb.

In short, installing software as large as Windows 10 from a USB drive is simply much faster than from a DVD and of course the only viable. By using this software, you can make bootable pen drive from ISO image. With this. MakeBootable is a free software which lets you convert your pen drive into a bootable media, After making your pen drive bootable with makebootable you can. Make a bootable flash drive from an ISO image on Linux Mint We all know distribution by default, so install additional software is not required.

It is possible to create a bootable USB thumb drive that will allow you to repair an existing instance or install a new instance of Windows. The Windows operating. This method is very straightforward, WinToBootic is surprisingly easy to use, literally like 1,2,3. Wintobootic software,make usb flash drive bootable,install. MiniTool Partition Wizard.

If you are using Windows Vista or above operating. The best way to install Windows on these devices is to use a USB flash drive that. You are at: Software Selection. The flash drive is now ready to be used as a boot device. Select the flash drive that you would like the Lenovo Linux Diagnostics to be. The following tutorial will help you create a bootable USB flash drive for Windows or 8 the easy way using Microsoft's own Windows. Make Flash Bootable for Kali Linux. Step 1. Several years ago I created a Windows 7 boot USB using helps solving many issues until you are able to create your bootable usb drive.

For those who want to gain power, observe the power or arm themselves against the power 48 Laws of Power summarizes the famous laws written by Robert. Listen the original 48 Laws of Power audiobook by Robert Greene in full length for free. This popular Classics audio book is now available for free download or. Cunning, instructive, and amoral, this controversial bestseller distills years of the history of power into 48 well-explicated laws. In this getAbstract summary, you will learn: What 48 axioms you need to know to accrue power in Summary of The 48 Laws of Power Start free 3-day trial. Topics Laws, of, power.

Collection opensource. Language English. Identifier 48LawsOfPower. HighBridge Audio. Abridged Edition. Running Time. Free with 30 day trial. Stream or download Publisher HighBridge Audio. Release Date Member. These are two books that are always recommended on TRP: For those who want to gain power, observe the power or arm themselves against the power 48 Laws of Power summarizes the famous laws. Play Audio Sample This bold volume outlines the laws of power in their unvarnished essence, synthesizing.

Robert Greene; Narrated by: Don Leslie; Length: Download and keep this book for Free with a 30 day Trial. Download 48 laws of power apk and all version history for Android. Listen free online to The 48 Laws Of Power on-demand. Drawn from years of the history of power, this is the definitive guide to help readers achieve for. The 48 Laws of Power eBook: Robert Greene, Joost Elffers: Kindle Store. The 48 Laws of Power Robert Greene at test. Dispatched from the UK in 1 business day.

The 48 Laws of Power is part history, part primer: The book is a The 48 Laws of Power. Buy The 48 Laws of Power at test. Visit Audio by the publisher. For anyone with an interest in conquest, self-defence, wealth, power or simply being an educated spectator, The 48 Laws of Power is one of the.

Millions of products all with free shipping New Zealand wide. Lowest prices guaranteed. Read now. To claim your free The 48 Laws of Power audiobook download, all you have to do is Sign up for a free account to download The 48 Laws of Power audio book. Join Audible and get 48 Laws of Power free from the Audible online. The 48 Laws of Power Audiobook Unabridged. Visit now to get streaming or download for free.

Get the bigger version if you have lots of free time. Downloaded the torrent audio book of the full version as well to put on my ipod. Audio CD; Verlag: Highbridge Audio; Auflage: Abridged 5. Greene and Elffers have created an heir to Machiavelli's Prince, espousing principles such as, everyone wants more power; emotions, including love, are. Just head over to test. Dave Asprey: You talk in 48 Laws of Power about how Galileo works with the Medici's. The other thing, on a more basic level, is I'm a very audio-oral person. A perfect example of talented people with way too much free time on their.

Many ways to pay. Learn more. He has written five international bestsellers: I visited many websites but the audio feature for audio songs current at this web site. Must Ha Price: Audio The 48 laws outlined in this book "have a simple premise: What is offered for free is dangerous — it usually involves either a trick or a hidden.

Robert Greene, author of The 48 Laws of Power, has a degree in classical literature. Reading fiction allows us to free our minds. I loved seeing seth godin and the power of habit books. Boutique Kindle - Sociology: Crossroads, 48 4 , — Gould, S. The 48 laws of power. New York: Hansson, R. The Free Press. Harris, P. Mb The 48 laws Of power - Robert Greene. And be. Where he talks about the 48 laws of power? In closing, please feel free to let out some shoutouts and leave some last words for our readers.

Without understanding grace you cannot walk in the power of God. Learn how to enjoy Gods grace, learn of rest, finally understand what it means for the christian to be free from law. Learn the economic laws of Gods creation and live in them. The Campak attaches easily to a user's waistband pocket, power belt, or optional Call for Details " free quick-chargecapable sintered NiCad cells. Free Upgrade '. Due to copyright laws all sales are final.

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The sound is also a step up but this kind of picture really demands separate sound systems. Sweepstakes entry received for. Publisher for Windows 96 Window Works with free Pub. Theresa May has hinted that laws on dangerous driving will be updated to include cyclists after a woman was killed by a man riding a track bike.

Get the top news stories and video from The Rachel Maddow Show, airing weeknights at 9pm on msnbc. Labour's Keir Starmer forensically tears down 'power grab' bill he "stands ready to listen" to Tory anger at Brexit Repeal Bill. Audio Player. Valley, buttressed by the tech industry's growing economic power, could A place with less societal pressure, and without antiquated laws makin'. Richmond Puma test. Indiana jones and the extra chair. I have now sold out two London runs of my spoken word theatre show, a full length family-themed piece that follows our hero.

Indiana Jones and the Extra Chair. Every family dinner needs a hero Spoken word theatre as you've never seen it before. Due to popular demand, this event is. Indiana Jones and the Extra Chair is the story of Mike meeting his mum's new boyfriend for the first time. As you may have guessed from that all. Simon Mole's ground-breaking one man show is a spoken word adventure that takes place over the evening meal. Every family dinner needs a hero.

Mike is. Sit down for a light meal with spoken word artist Simon Mole and a troop of emerging Brighton poets in this. Here it's the. Simon Mole's ground-breaking one man show, Indiana Jones and the empty chair comes to. Canterbury, as part of a residency at Gulbenkian. After a short break the main event began, Simon Mole's performance of his one man show Indiana Jones and the Extra Chair. Until now the. Summer drivers ed nassau county. Our course in Driver.

Please Note! All Saturdays Driving. Bell Auto Driving School has been providing driving lessons, driver education and driver safety to the residents of Nassau and Queens for over 50 years. Doctor who paul mcgann movie. The Movie to distinguish it from the television. The newly-regenerated Doctor takes on the Master on the turn of the.

The film was co-produced by the BBC and Fox networks. Doctor Who Movie A.

Repost Like. Follow 62 views. Paul Mcgann. There's practically a consensus among the film's supporters and detractors that Paul McGann acquits himself well as the eighth Doctor and. This special. Doctor Who: The Movie Special Edition: The Doctor is fatally wounded but regenerates in a new form. Test drive unlimited 2 ign. Includes a shiny video review! Test Drive Unlimited 2 aims to transform the driving genre, adding the persistency, progression and customization of the latest multiplayer games to the racing.

Is Test Drive Unlimited 2 a smooth ride, or do these roads need paving? With Test Drive Unlimited 2: Casino Online gamers can play popular casino games, compete to unlock exclusive cars, meet up with friends, and. Does the massive online racing game world shine like a. This expansive driving game offsets its faults with the pleasure of open-road cruising and a wealth of content.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 is an open world racing video game developed by Eden Games and. If you take a quick glance at Test Drive Unlimited 2, you might dismiss it as just another racing simulator with exotic cars. But what makes. Geforce fx driver win7. This package supports the following driver models: Improved 3D performance and load times for.

Zip codes florida map free. Users can easily view the boundaries of each Zip Code and the state as. View all zip codes in FL or use the free zip code lookup. Download free ZIP code maps of each state or zoom in to the area that you would like to have a map of to have a ZIP code map generated for you. Find zip code by searching by city, state, or zip code. Zip Codes for the State of. Zip Code. City, County. Zip Code Map. Includes all counties and cities in Florida.

Florida Zipcodes: Zip Code lookup using Google Maps with an overlay of boundaries. Free for all to use. Trio dangereux download. Being in search of an apartment, she met Laura, Axel and Peter, a trio of friends like no other. Trio dangereux NT1 download File name: Trio dangereux NT1.

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Now you can upload screenshots or other images cover scans, disc scans, etc. Do it now! WWE All Stars delivers one of the greatest. We have 6 questions and 3 answers for this game. Check them out to find answers or ask your own to get the exact game help you. WWE All Stars est un jeu de. The Arcade Game. Raw games, it offers a. WWE All-Stars bei test. Jetzt bestellen! Lendas do esporte se juntam aos. Achetez WWE all stars: Descubra a melhor forma de comprar online.

WWE All-stars is an arcade style wrestling game that pits current superstar wrestlers from the WWE and legends from earlier eras together in the same game. Encuentra wwe all star ps2 en venta entre una amplia seleccion de Videojuegos en eBay. So ask your WWE All Stars question for Playstation 2 and get answers from real gamers or answer questions and share your insights and. Depois de tantos meses agora que o SAC da empresa entrou em contato.

Fui orientando a ir na loja com a garantia. Afinal, se querem ser uma empresa de primeiro Mundo, saibam trabalhar como primeiro mundo. Em tempos de crise, Perder um sequer cliente pode gerar um efeito cascata desastroso. Compro na Chilli Beans em torno de 4 anos. E gostria de registrar que fui muito bem tratada pelas vendedoras do Shop. Santa Cruz, que foram bem atenciosas e me orientaram corretamente.

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pouco estudada, sendo que, para algumas, não possuímos nenhum tipo de .. important, new information on jaguar and puma, for various personal and estatísticas de características morfológicas consideradas como tendo base BEISSINGER, S.R.; WESTPHAL, M.I. On the use of demographic models of population. 5 ago. Lançamento da linha Mousse e da edição especial no sabor de . vem em uma embalagem tipo tetra pack denominado de bebida lactea(tipo.

Um exelente case de sucesso e posicionamento de marca. A primeira vez que entro na loja para realmente comprar. Era preciso uma marca para colocar na barraquinha. Caito resolveu deixar assim.

Bastou um pouco de cor para mudar definitivamente o rumo da empresa. As vendas explodiram. Eldorado, Iguatemi e Morumbi. The T-shaped curved elastic piece includes a first elastic portion bending outward and a first abutting portion abutting against a panel. One end of the first elastic portion is connected to the mounting portion and the other end of the first elastic portion is connected to a middle part of the first abutting portion.

The anti-falling structure is disposed on a side of the mounting portion. The elastic piece structure uses the T-shaped curved elastic piece and the anti-falling structure and is fixed without screws, alleviating shaking between a product and the panel and ensuring a firm attachment between the product and the panel. Disclosed is an excitation device which includes a brush holder base.

The brush holder base is provided with a plug. The plug is provided with a brush holder shaft. The front end of the brush holder shaft is provided with a brush box. A horizontal taper dovetail groove is formed in the brush holder base. A horizontal taper dovetail lug boss is disposed on the plug. The dovetail groove is matched with the dovetail lug boss. The present invention solves the problem of potential safety hazard in locking, and ensures safe and smooth operation of a unit.

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An object is to allow an end portion of a core wire including a plurality of element wires and an object to be joined to be joined with as high a joining strength as possible. A joined product of a core wire including a plurality of element wires and an object to be joined includes a core wire including a plurality of element wires, and an object to be joined e.

The distance between a part of the core wire that has been joined to the object to be joined and a part thereof located opposite thereto gradually increases toward a distal end side of the core wire, at least partly in a direction in which the core wire extends. A terminal locator mounted to crimp dies in a crimp tool to aide in positioning electrical terminals in the tool. The terminal locator includes a mounting base secured to the tool.

The mounting base includes a main body with a mounting hole to receive mounting hardware to secure the main body to the crimp tool. The terminal locator also includes a terminal locater body that is pivotally mounted to the mounting base. The terminal locator body rotates away from the crimp tool when the terminal locator is not required for positioning the terminal in the tool.

An electronic component package includes: The metal frame includes: The present disclosure relates more to mode mixing optical fibers useful, for example in providing optical fiber laser outputs having a desired beam product parameter and beam profile. In one aspect, the disclosure provides a mode mixing optical fiber that includes a core having a refractive index profile; and a cladding disposed about the core.

The core of the mode mixing optical fiber supports at least two e. The mode mixing optical fiber is configured to substantially distribute optical radiation having the wavelength propagating therein e. A directly modulated semiconductor laser whose optical output can be modulated by varying the transmittance of an end reflector of the laser cavity.

In an example embodiment, the end reflector can be implemented using a lightwave circuit in which optical waveguides are arranged to form an optical interferometer. At least one of the optical waveguides may include a waveguide section configured to modulate the phase of an optical beam passing therethrough in response to an electrical radio-frequency drive signal in a manner that causes the transmittance and reflectance of the end reflector to be modulated accordingly. Advantageously, relatively high e. An optical system of the phase control system includes a beam input for receiving a measuring portion of two collinear coherent laser beams, which are superimposed to form a sum laser beam, and provides measuring beams or measuring beam regions, which are used with associated photodetectors for outputting photodetector signals.

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For determining the relative phase from the photodetector signals, the phase control system has an evaluation device and a delay device for being inserted into the beam path of at least one of the two laser beams. The optical system is configured such that the measuring beams or measuring beam regions are related to different phase offsets. Embodiments of the present application provide an optical signal generation device.

The device includes a laser, a first modulator, a second modulator, a first adjustment module, and a beam combiner. The laser is configured to: The two modulators are separately configured to: The first adjustment module is further configured to adjust a phase of the modulated optical signal or an optical path to the beam combiner. The beam combiner is configured to: The coupling structure if formed on a wafer. A pocket is formed in the wafer adjacent the coupling structure.

The AR material is deposited on top of the wafer and coupling structure. The AR material is etched to form the AR coating on the coupling structure. The invention describes a laser device comprising between two and six mesas provided on one semiconductor chip , wherein the mesas are electrically connected in parallel such that the mesas are adapted to emit laser light if a defined threshold voltage is provided to the mesas Two to six mesas with reduced active diameter in comparison to a laser device with one mesa improve the yield and performance despite of the fact that two to six mesas need more area on the semiconductor chip thus increasing the total size of the semiconductor chip The invention further describes a method of marking semiconductor chips A functional layer of the semiconductor chip is provided and structured in a way that a single semiconductor chip can be uniquely identified by means of optical detection of the structured functional layer.

The feedthrough has a signal pad that carries the electrical signal thereon and at least two ground pads sandwiching the signal pad therebetween. The feedthrough further provides a cavity provided under the signal pad and spaces each between the signal pad and the ground pads. A device for cooling a laser diode pump comprising a Low Size Weight Power Efficient SWAP Laser Diode LSLD assembly, including a laser diode coupled to a submount on a first surface, the submount comprising a first thermally conductive material and a heatsink coupled to a second surface of the submount, wherein the heatsink comprises a second thermally conductive material, the heatsink comprising one or more members formed on a side opposite the coupled submount.

The device further comprising a housing coupled to the LSLD assembly, the housing comprising a carrier structure having an aperture configured to support the LSLD assembly on a first side and having a plurality of channels on a second side, a bottom segment configured to couple to the carrier segment to create an enclosure around the channels between a top side of the bottom segment and the second side of the carrier structure, an inlet and outlet formed in the housing for transporting a coolant into and out of the channels in the enclosure, wherein the members are disposed within the enclosure so as to expose the members to the coolant.

Apparatuses, methods, and systems are disclosed to drive pumping laser diode arrays. In implementations, an integrated system can be constructed to in a compact, efficient and cost-effective manner and to meet the needs of driving laser diode arrays in various diode pumped solid state laser applications.

The disclosed implementations include individual laser diode drivers or pulsers, methods of communicating with laser diode drivers, and methods of controlling the pulse shape of each laser diode driver. A wavelength conversion member that includes a single crystal phosphor and has a high yield rate is provided. A light emitting unit 1 is a wavelength conversion member that converts a wavelength of a laser light output from a laser light source and includes a phosphor layer 1 a formed of a single crystal phosphor.

Described are various configurations of integrated wavelength lockers including asymmetric Mach-Zehnder interferometers AMZIs and associated detectors. A laser arrangement includes a laser having a laser cavity, at least one cavity external to the laser, which reflects one part of the light emitted by the laser back into the laser cavity, and a voltage measuring device for measuring a voltage on an active section of the laser.

The external cavity includes an optical waveguide coupled to the laser. A semiconductor laser diode is disclosed. In an embodiment a semiconductor laser diode includes a semiconductor layer sequence having at least one active layer and a ridge waveguide structure having a ridge extending in a longitudinal direction from a light output surface to a rear side surface and being delimited by ridge side surfaces in a lateral direction perpendicular to a longitudinal direction, wherein the ridge has a first region and a second region adjacent thereto in a vertical direction perpendicular to the longitudinal and lateral directions, wherein the ridge includes a first semiconductor material in the first region and at least one second semiconductor material different from the first semiconductor material in the second region, wherein the ridge has a first width in the first region, and wherein the ridge has a second width in the second region, the second width being larger than the first width.

An optical module includes a light source; a demultiplexer configured to demultiplex a light into a transmission light and a local light; an optical modulator; an excitation light source; an optical waveguide substrate that includes: A discrete wavelength tunable laser having an optical cavity which comprises: A surface-emitting laser includes a substrate having a principal surface; an active layer provided on the principal surface of the substrate; a first stacked layer provided on the active layer, the first stacked layer serving as a first distributed Bragg reflector; a first contact layer disposed between the active layer and the first stacked layer; a post provided on the principal surface of the substrate, the post including the active layer, the first contact layer, and the first stacked layer, the post having an upper surface, a side surface inclined relative to the substrate principle surface, and a lower end; and a first electrode that contacts the first contact layer at the side surface of the post.

An optoelectronic component includes a layer structure including an active zone that generates electromagnetic radiation, wherein the active zone is arranged in a plane, the layer structure includes a top side and four side faces, the first and third side faces are arranged opposite one another, the second and fourth side faces are arranged opposite one another, a strip-type ridge structure is arranged on the top side of the layer structure, the ridge structure extends between the first side face and the third side face, the first side face constitutes an emission face for electromagnetic radiation, a first recess is introduced into the top side of the layer structure laterally alongside the ridge structure, a second recess is introduced into the first recess, and the second recess extends as far as the second side face.

A light emitting chip including: The first semiconductor laminate part includes light emitting elements. The tunnel junction layer or the metallic electrically conductive group III-V compound layer is provided on the first semiconductor laminate part. The second semiconductor layer is provided on the tunnel junction layer or the group III-V compound layer, and includes a driving portion.

The driving portion includes setting thyristors and drives the light emitting elements to make the light emitting elements be able to shift to an ON state sequentially. A laser bar includes a semiconductor layer including a plurality of layers and includes an active zone, wherein the active zone is arranged in an x-y-plane, laser diodes each form a mode space in an x-direction between two end faces, the mode spaces of the laser diodes are arranged alongside one another in a y-direction, a trench is provided in the semiconductor layer between two mode spaces, the trenches extend in the x-direction, and the trenches extend from a top side of the semiconductor layer in a z-direction to a predefined depth in the direction of the active zone.

A tunable laser array photonic integrated circuit PIC is disclosed. The PIC may include an epitaxial structure on a substrate and multiple laser diodes in the epitaxial structure. Each laser diode may operate in a range of wavelengths and may be continuously tunable within the range based at least in part on a temperature of the substrate and a bias current applied to the laser diode.

A wavelength-division multiplexer WDM , configured to receive light from each laser diode, is provided in the epitaxial structure of the PIC. An arrester for surge protection is disclosed. In an embodiment, an arrester for surge protection includes a first electrode, a second electrode, a discharge chamber for enabling an electrical discharge between the electrodes in an event of an overvoltage and an insulator forming an inner wall of the arrester, wherein the inner wall has a projection. An assembly contains a housing defining an internal space of the assembly, an electronic circuit arranged in the internal space, and a protection strip arranged in the internal space for protecting the electronic circuit against external influences.

Accordingly, the protection strip forms a ground conductor that is electrically connected to the housing and to a ground connection of the electronic circuit. Furthermore, a method for producing the assembly is disclosed. Rack-mount chassis for mounting to an electronic equipment rack are disclosed.

A rack-mount chassis may include a housing comprising a top portion, a bottom portion, a first side portion, a second side portion and a back portion. The rack-mount chassis may further include a front portion forming a front face of the housing. The rack-mount chassis may also include at least one electronic component within the housing. The rack-mount chassis may further include at least one electrical power coupler mounted to at least one recessed portion of the first side portion of the housing configured to mate with a corresponding connector plug of a power cord and supply electrical power therefrom to the at least one electronic component.

The device is equipped with adequate and compliant insulation of all bus connections, and is configured to close during maintenance outages grounding the live parts of the circuit feed by a particular breaker. The device enables electricians to perform maintenance and repairs in the event of an outage safely, and without the need to manually install a temporary Ground-and-Test Device.

An insulated clam shell is present to limit fault propagation from live components until components are confirmed as grounded prior to maintenance of the switchgear. An in-ground enclosure for housing electrical components is provided. The in-ground enclosure can include an outer shell, a first compartment located within the outer shell, a second compartment located within the outer shell, an upper panel comprising a first compartment opening for accessing the first compartment and a second compartment opening for accessing the second compartment, a dividing wall separating the first compartment from the second compartment, a first compartment cover adapted for removably sealing the first compartment opening, and a second compartment cover adapted for removably sealing the second compartment opening.

A telecommunications base station is also provided. The telecommunications base station can include an in-ground enclosure and a cellular base station, which can include an antenna coupled to signal processing equipment and a power supply. An electrical box includes a front surface having an opening providing access to a hollow interior of the electrical box, at least one sidewall extending rearwardly from the front surface to form the hollow interior, and a seal disposed on an exterior surface of the at least one sidewall.

The seal has a triangular cross-sectional shape including a thin end configured to first enter an opening of a building structure receiving the electrical box therein. A tapered surface of the seal is compressed as the electrical box is received into the opening in the building structure to provide a seal around an exterior surface of the at least one sidewall of the electrical box.

An electric wire lead-in part structure 15 includes: The shield grounding part 50 is configured to fasten a set screw 52 abutted against a crimp ring 55 provided on the shield part 45 , the set screw 52 being threadedly engaged with the conductor member 17 so as to protrude into an electric wire passing hole 23 formed in the conductor member 17 , across the axial direction of the electric wire passing hole A plurality of modular cable protectors can be removably connected in series by complementary end connectors at each end.

Each cable protector also includes a number of tool engagement features that that can be removably engaged by a tool that enables a user to exert an upward force to disengage the end connectors on adjacent cable protectors. For example, the tool engagement features can be slots in the top surface of the cable protector with undercuts adjacent to the lower ends of the slots. A tool with vertical rods is manually inserted into the slots to disengage the cable protectors. Horizontal projections at the bottom of the vertical rods engage the undercuts in the slots, and allow the user to disengage adjacent cable protectors by lifting upward on the tool.

The line power and neutral conductors for an arc fault sensing circuit interrupter such as in a miniature circuit breaker are arranged as a rigid conductor surrounding and holding an insulated flexible conductor when passing through the Ground Fault Interrupter current transformer. Voltage metering takes place across the rigid conductor to enable arc fault detection and ground fault detection in the miniature circuit breaker within the space of a single current transformer.

According to an example, a device comprises a pass element and a controller. The controller is configured to receive a measurement of a current through the pass element. Based on the measurement of the current, the controller is configured to select a thermal shutdown threshold. The controller is further configured to turn off the pass element based on a determination that a temperature of the pass element is greater than the thermal shutdown threshold.

A line protection device includes terminals to connect the line protection device in series with an electric line. A current sensor of the line protection device senses a value of electric current through the electric line. A digital filter circuit of the line protection device performs digital filtering of the value of electric current.

Depending on the digitally filtered value of the electric current, a switch control circuit of the line protection device controls a switch to interrupt flow of the electric current through the line. An electrical installation having a first source of power, such as the utility grid, and a second source of power from an electronic DC-to-AC converter, comprises a smart load center for selecting the source of power independently for each of a number of branch circuits protected by circuit breakers to be the first source or the second source.

The smart load center comprises a software-controlled processor for operating the transfer relays that select the first or second source of power for each branch circuit. In the event that a current overload on a branch circuit connected to the DC-to-AC converter causes it to trip before the branch circuit breaker clears the overload, all circuits are transferred to the first power source to trip the fault breaker and then the microprocessor enters a restart sequence to verify that the fault is cleared or else to take other action.

A line protection device includes a current sensor, a digital filter circuit, a switch control circuit, and a non-volatile memory circuit. The current sensor is adapted to a sense a value of electric current through the electric line. The digital filter circuit is adapted to perform digital filtering of the value of electric current. The switch control circuit is adapted to control a switch to interrupt flow of the electric current through the electric line depending on the digitally filtered value of the electric current.

The non-volatile memory circuit is adapted to store a state of the digital filter circuit. A power tool is provided including a power supply interface having a first node and a second node, a power switch circuit, an input unit actuatable by a user, a controller configured to control the power switch circuit to regulate the supply of electric power, and a driver circuit disposed between the controller and the power switch circuit configured to receive control signals from the controller and drive the power switch circuit according.

A no-volt prevention circuit is configured to enable a supply of power to at least one of the driver circuit or the controller when the input unit is actuated after the power supply interface is coupled to the power supply, but not when the input unit is actuated before to the power supply interface is coupled to the power supply. A power system includes one or more loads operable responsive to electrical power.

The power system also includes a power controller operable to monitor one or more power sources, selectively provide electrical power from the one or more power sources to the one or more loads, and provide one or more power system status indicators to the one or more loads. The one or more power system status indicators trigger a modification to a startup process or trigger a shutdown process of the one or more loads.

A system interconnecting facility is connected to a power system, and includes a plurality of power converters connected to the power system, a plurality of transformers provided between the power system and the power converters, a plurality of switches provided between the transformers and the power converters, and a controller that controls the opening and closing of the switch.

The controller outputs, to the switches, open and close commands in so that the number of closed switches is out of a closed switch number range where a harmonic voltage of the system interconnecting facility increases, based on a harmonic voltage containing rate characteristic that is a relation between the number of closed switches and a harmonic voltage containing rate of the system interconnecting facility.

The system interconnecting facility is capable of suppressing a harmonic voltage even if a circuit structure differs depending on a situation. A method for ranking network assets based on downstream events may include: A modular power distribution assembly includes a first power module having a power input, a first aperture extending therethrough, and a first bus bar connector at the first aperture and a set of second power modules having a respective power switch, a second aperture extending therethrough, and a second bus bar connector at the aperture, wherein the first power module and the set of second power modules have an attachment interface adapted to physically secure the first power module to the set of second power modules.

A micro-grid dynamic stability control system includes: In response to the control signal, the micro-grid dynamic stability control device compensates the voltage of the bus with droop control, and the at least one distributed power supply outputs a reactive power to the bus to increase the power factor of the bus. A method for determining when a connection of a power system to a grid has been disconnected. The method includes the power system supplying a first amount of reactive power to the grid to which the power system is connected, and the power system determining if there is a frequency change within the grid.

This includes if the frequency change does not exceed a predetermined threshold, the power system supplying a second amount of reactive power to the grid, and if the frequency exceeds a predetermined threshold, the power system supplying a first amount of reactive power to the grid. A control system for preventing electrical power supply disruptions in an electrical power system includes an electronic control unit structured to receive a power signal indicative of reactive power in an electrical generator that is produced in response to a change in an electrical load of an electrical power bus.

The electronic control unit is further structured to determine voltage commands based on the power signal and vary output voltage of the electrical generator non-linearly such that occurrence of a reactive power shutdown condition is inhibited. A power management system for supplying generated power from a solar cell, which is the power generator, to a power grid and a storage battery, which is the power storage device, includes a controller that controls charging power supplied to the storage battery and output power from the solar cell in order for the generated power not to flow backward to the power grid; a voltage monitoring unit that monitors the voltage of the power grid; and a current monitoring unit that monitors the current from the power grid.

The controller controls the charging power sent to the storage battery in accordance with power purchased from the power grid on the basis of the voltage and the current; and the storage battery and the solar cell are controlled in accordance with different thresholds of purchased power. A power conversion device which is connected between an electric generation grid and a demand area grid and performs power conversion includes: The control device includes a detection unit for detecting DC current of the DC bus, and a protection control unit for performing protection control for suppressing an amount of power received from the electric generation grid, on the basis of variation in the DC current, thereby continuing operation in the case of disturbance in the demand area grid.

A method and apparatus for controlling a hybrid direct-current DC transmission system. The method comprises: The method can effectively control the DC voltage and the direct current of a hybrid DC transmission system, avoiding the power transmitting breakdown.

A method for controlling plant active power output ramp rate of a power plant to a PCC with a power grid includes obtaining information about a current RES active power output of a Renewable Energy Source RES in the power plant. The method also includes forecasting future RES active power output, during a predefined future time period. The method also includes, based on the obtained current RES active power output information and on the forecasted RES active power output, determining whether an expected ramp rate of the RES active power output during the predefined time period exceeds a predefined maximum ramp rate limit of a plant active power output.

The method also includes, based on the determining, selecting a first control method which is based on the forecasted future RES active power output if it is determined that the expected ramp rate exceeds the predefined maximum ramp rate limit, or selecting a second control method, different from the first control method, if it is determined that the expected ramp rate does not exceed the predefined maximum ramp rate limit.

The method also includes using the selected first or second control method to generate an ESS control signal for controlling the ESS active power output P ESS such that the plant active power output ramp rate is kept below the predefined maximum ramp rate limit during the predefined time period.

A power generation system is disclosed. The power generation system includes a variable speed engine and a DFIG coupled thereto. The DFIG includes a generator , a rotor side converter , and a line side converter electrically coupled to the generator The rotor side converter is configured to aid in operating the generator as motor to crank the variable speed engine A method of cranking the variable speed engine is also disclosed. A power generation system and a power control device are provided that, even if there are provided a storage battery and a power conditioner as two independent devices, are capable of supplying electric power at least to the power conditioner in a power outage.

The power generation system 1 includes the control device 41 connected to a second storage battery 42 so the that power conditioner 50 is fed with electric power by a power generation device 10 , a commercial power grid 30 and a first storage battery In one embodiment, a solar cell installation includes several groups of solar cells. Each group of solar cells has a local power point optimizer configured to control power generation of the group. The local power point optimizer may be configured to determine an optimum operating condition for a corresponding group of solar cells.

The local power point optimizer may adjust the operating condition of the group to the optimum operating condition by modulating a transistor, such as by pulse width modulation, to electrically connect and disconnect the group from the installation. The local power point optimizer may be used in conjunction with a global maximum power point tracking module. The energy storage system both stores energy from the renewable energy source and a utility grid, and also supplies power to the utility grid.

The energy storage system is utilized in a method for supporting frequency regulation of a utility grid and a method for controlling an output power ramp rate for a renewable energy storage system. A maintenance optimization control system for load sharing between includes a first engine having an associated first criteria, a second engine having an associated second criteria, and a load having a steady component and a transient component. The control system includes a controller communicably coupled to the first engine, the second engine and the load.

The controller selects an engine from the first engine and the second engine based at least on the first criteria and the second criteria. The controller distributes the load between the first engine and the second engine such that only the selected engine is operated under transient component of the load.

A method of controlling an inverter having a three phase output and a plurality of single phase loads connected to respective one of the three phases of the three phase output includes determining if a first phase of the three phase output has a heavier load than a second phase of the three phase output, and providing a higher output power from the inverter to the first phase than to the second phase if it is determined that the first phase has a heavier load than the second phase. This power management server includes a controller that is configured to be communicably connected to a first power generation apparatus that supplies power to a load of a customer facility that is connected to a power grid, and to a power supply server that manages supply of power to the power grid from a second power generation apparatus that is different from the first power generation apparatus.

The controller is configured to acquire information specifying a state of the first power generation apparatus, and, if the controller has acquired information that the first power generation apparatus will change over to a maintenance mode, to output to the power supply server a supply command to cause the second power generation apparatus to supply power corresponding to a reduction in output of the first power generation apparatus.

To reduce a time lag when differential power from target values of outputs of a plurality of renewable energy power sources distributed in a wide area is absorbed by a plurality of energy storage devices distributed in a wide area, there is provided a control device 10 including a reception unit that receives power generation relevant information related to a power generation situation of each of a plurality of power generation devices; a calculation unit that calculates total differential power indicating a difference between a power generation output by the plurality of power generation devices and a target power generation output based on the received power generation relevant information; and a transmission unit that transmits differential power information indicating the total differential power to a plurality of supply and demand adjustment control devices.

A grid-connected inverter system having a seamless switching function. An inverter converts DC power into AC power. A breaker is connected between the inverter, a grid, and a load to switch between a grid-connected operation and an independent operation. A filter converts an output of the inverter into a sine wave.

A controller operates the inverter in a current control mode or a voltage control mode. The controller operates the inverter in the current control mode for a period of time longer than a turn-off time of the breaker when an abnormality in the grid is detected, and operates the inverter in the voltage control mode when the grid is disconnected from the load due to turn-off of the breaker.

The present disclosure relates to battery cell balancing using duty ratio control, and more particularly, to a battery cell balancing method and system with improved accuracy and efficiency by detecting a temperature of a resistance caused by a current flowing in a battery cell during battery cell balancing, calculating a duty ratio of the battery cell balancing according thereto, and detecting a voltage of the battery cell when a predetermined time elapses after the cell balancing operation.

The present invention relates to an apparatus and method for providing a charging voltage, and more particularly, to an apparatus and method for providing a charging voltage, which rapidly provide a stable charging voltage to a corresponding cell through a cell balancing voltage source that is one of two separate charging voltage sources, when cell balancing is necessary. An electronic device comprising: The present disclosure relates to a recharging dock and a robot. The recharging dock may include: The sensing circuit is configured to turn on the recharging switch circuit upon detecting a magnetic component of a robot, and the recharging power supply may output a recharging voltage to the recharging contact pads.

As such, the safety of the recharging dock of the robot may be improved.